A tyre for single axle trailers, tandem trailers, triaxles and heavy-duty applications.

Key Features

  • High loading capacity due to strong carcass design
  • Optimised mileage due to free rolling tyre (FRT) construction
  • Low noise values due to special designed tread
  • High sipe density maximizes all season performance
  • Excellent air retention due to the enhanced inner liner compound

Performance Category: Commercial

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
145R10 84/82N84/82N468
195/55R10 98/96N98/96N
155/70R12 104/102N104/102N522
185/60R12 104/102N104/102N527
165R13 96/94N96/94N596
195/50R13 104/102N104/102N525
175R14 99/98N99/98N634
185R14 104/102N104/102N647
195R14 108/106N108/106N666
205R14 109/107N109/107N684
215R14 116/114N116/114N700
225/70R15 116/114N116/114N696

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