Goodyear's OptiLife 2, incorporating Tredlife Technology, features special tread compounds and equalised pressure distribution across the tyre footprint, providing more even tread wear and extended mileage. Also integral is the improved handling performance and better grip on wet and dry road so consumers can drive with confidence. Additionally, the construction of the tyre has been enhanced to provide greater fuel efficiency which we know consumers value.

Key Features

    Performance Category: Touring

    SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
    165/75R13 81S81S578
    165/70R13 79T79T561
    175/70R13 82H82H575
    175/65R14 82H82H583
    175/70R14 84T84T601
    185/75R14 89H89H633
    185/70R14 88H88H615
    185/60R14 82H82H578
    185/65R14 86H86H596
    195/70R14 91H91H629
    175/65R15 84T84T609
    185/65R15 88H88H622
    185/60R15 88H88H603
    185/55R15 82V82V585
    195/60R15 88V88V615
    195/65R15 91V91V635
    195/55R15 85V85V596
    195/50R15 82V82V576
    205/65R15 94V94V648
    205/60R16 92V92V652
    205/55R16 91V91V632
    215/60R16 95V95V664
    225/60R16 98V98V676
    225/55R16 95W95W654
    205/50R17 89V89V637
    215/55R17 94V94V668
    215/45R17 91W91W625
    215/50R17 95W95W647
    225/55R17 97V97V679
    225/45R17 94W94W634
    225/50R17 98W98W657
    235/45R17 97W97W643
    225/40R18 92Y92Y637
    235/40R18 95V95V645
    245/45R18 100V100V678
    245/40R18 97Z97Z653

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