The Bridgestone R623 is a premium tyre for light commercials and vans, giving dependable performance, comfort and safety. The compound gives enhanced control in the wet, while the bead and cap construction deliver superior handling, durability and ride comfort.

Key Features

    Performance Category: Touring

    SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
    165R13 94/92R94/92R596
    175R13 97R97R612
    165R14 97/95R97/95R622
    175R14 99/98R99/98R634
    185R14 102/100S102/100S647
    195R14 106/104S106/104S666
    195/70R15 104/102R104/102R654
    195R15 106/104S106/104S694
    205/70R15 106S106S668
    215/70R15 106/104S106/104S682
    225/70R15 112/110R112/110R696
    215/70R16 108T108T707

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