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How much do you know (or care) about your tyres?

Did you know, with the right tyres and maintenance - you can reduce your fuel bill?
  • Did you know, it doesn't matter how safe or expensive your car is - with the incorrect tyres or severely worn tyres, you dramatically increase your risk of an accident?
  • Did you know, simply rotating and balancing your tyres regularly can increase tyre life by around 30%?
  • Did you know, 70% of drivers in Australia drive with under inflated tyres?
  • Did you know, incorrect pressure maintenance is the most common cause of tyre failure?
  • Did you know, the cheapest tyre isn't always THE CHEAPEST TYRE!!! if you work on a 'cents-per-kilometer' basis, a cheaper tyre is a tyre that keeps you on the road the longest!!

Sounds like a lot of things to remember right? This is where the Kenda 60,000km Guarantee comes in!!

The Kenda 60,000km Guarantee is not only a guarantee to get amazing mileage from your tyres, but it is a complete tyre care package that will help keep your car safe and on the road. When you purchase Kenda Tyres, you don't have to remember all of the points above - leave that to us!!. When you purchase 4 Kenda Tyres and an alignment, we will periodically send you a reminder to drop back in to your nearest Kenda store, so we can perform your tyre maintenance.

When you choose Kenda , you're not only looking after your family's safety, but you're looking after the budget as well. We'll keep you on the road longer so you can get the most from your tyres, and the most from your dollar!

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