Dynapro AT-m (RF10)

The best on/off-road tyre for 4x4 vehicles, the Dynapro AT-m employs a tough pattern design and block structure to overcome any road.

Key Features

  • Reinforced under-tread gauge - Helps to prevent internal damage from impacts sustained when off the road.
  • Thick sidewall rubber gauge - Helps to minimise damage from off-road impact.
  • Reinforced carcass - Improves or Improves hill climbing and steering stability both on and off the road.
  • Jointless bead wire - Prevents bead separation when driving off-road on low air pressure.

Performance Category: All Season

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
33/12R15 108Q108Q389
215/75R15 100S100S704
235/75R15 109T109T734
255/70R15 112L112L738
205R16 110S110S736
225/75R16 115S115S744
235/70R16 107T107T735
235/60R16 100T100T688
245/70R16 106/103Q106/103Q749
245/75R16 120R120R774
245/70R16 111T111T749
255/70R16 111T111T763
265/75R16 123R123R804
265/70R16 112T112T777
265/70R16 117R117R777
275/70R16 112R112R791
285/75R16 126/123R126/123R834
235/65R17 104T104T737
245/65R17 111T111T750
255/65R17 110T110T763
265/70R17 121R121R803
265/65R17 120S120S776
265/65R17 112T112T776
275/65R17 115T115T789
285/70R17 121/118S121/118S831
285/65R17 116T116T802
265/65R18 112T112T802
265/60R18 114T114T775
275/65R18 123S123S815
285/65R18 125S125S828
255/55R19 111H111H763

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