The ZIEX S/TZ05 features the latest in tread compound and construction technology designed specifically for SUV and 1/2 ton sport truck applications. With an advanced M+S all-season, non-directional tread design, the S/TZ05 allows rotation in all directions, optimizing tread life. With double taper cut tread blocks and staggered shoulder lug grooves, the S/TZ05 is a smooth, quiet and dynamic tire. Available from 18-inch to 24-inch applications, this tire covers many of today’s popular SUV and LT wheel fitments. Whether you’re cruising through the city or driving on the open highway, the S/TZ05 provides unparalleled performance and comfort.

Key Features

  • Five rib symmetric tread design - Provides increased high speed stability and the freedom of tire rotation, enhancing tread life and wear life.
  • Wide and narrow shoulder lug grooves - Designed to optimize noise reduction.
  • Wide shoulder blocks - Increase tread stiffness allowing for maximum wet and dry handling and stability.
  • Solid centre rib - Offers excellent handling response especially in high speed conditions.

Performance Category: Performance SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
245/55R19 103H103H752
245/50R20 102H102H753
255/50R20 109H109H763
265/50R20 111H111H773
285/50R20 116V116V793
295/45R20 114H114H774
265/35R22 102H102H744
285/40R22 110H110H787

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