Versado CUV

The Versado CUV is an all-season, luxury performance tyre designed specifically for crossover vehicles. It delivers an extraordinarily smooth, quiet ride coupled with enhanced handling and stability to meet the unique demands of a crossover. With a new, low rolling-resistance compound, the Versado CUV is Toyo Tires’ most fuel-efficient SUV product yet.

Key Features

  • Asymmetric tread pattern to enable cross rotation to reduce irregular wear.
  • New wear-resistant silica tread compound.
  • Open lateral slits to improve water drainage.
  • Multi-wave siping in shoulder blocks.

Performance Category: Crossover 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
215/65R1698H686$277 $233
225/70R16107S721$271 $228
215/70R17101H733$321 $270
215/60R1796H690$297 $250
225/65R17102H724$325 $273
225/60R1799H702$313 $263
235/65R17108V737$315 $265
235/60R17102T714$263 $221
215/55R1899V694$319 $268
225/55R1898V705$334 $281
235/65R18106T763$377 $317
235/60R18107V739$363 $305
235/50R1897V692$488 $410
235/55R18100V716$364 $306
245/60R18105H751$423 $356
255/55R18109V738$389 $327
235/55R19105V741$470 $395
245/55R19103T752$432 $363
255/50R19107V738$522 $439
245/50R20102V753$552 $464

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