TEO plus

The TEO plus utilises Toyo's latest wear-resistant silica tread compound that provides high levels of wet road grip, exceptional wear resistance and minimized rolling resistance for optimised fuel economy. The TEO plus uses the proven, unique design features of the TRANSAS TEO, as well as Toyo's latest production methods to produce a tyre that provides high levels of grip on wet or dry roads, low noise, even tread wear, exceptional ride comfort and long tread life.

Key Features

  • Wear-resistant silica tread compound.
  • "3D multi sipes" in tread shoulder blocks.
  • "Noise Protection Sheet" (55 series & lower profile sizes only).
  • Wide main circumferential grooves.
  • "Silent Wall" main circumferential grooves.
  • Non-directional tread pattern.
  • Tie-bar on inside of shoulder blocks.

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
195/60R14 86H86H590
175/60R15 81H81H591
195/50R15 82V82V576
215/65R15 96H96H661
195/50R16 84V84V601
205/60R16 92V92V652
225/50R16 92V92V631
205/45R17 84W84W616
215/50R17 91W91W647

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