Proxes ST2

The Proxes S/T II is a low-profile, high performance tyre designed for sports utility vehicles, sport trucks and RVs. The Proxes S/T II utilizes a directional tread pattern to prevent aquaplaning and a high ply turn-up and filler for sharp steering response. The Proxes ST II shares the latest features used on other Toyo passenger car radials such as "Silent Wall" main circumferential grooves to minimize tread noise and "Multi-Wave" sipes on the tread shoulder blocks to improve wet road grip while minimizing feathering. The Proxes ST II also has some new / unique features: "Multi-Slanted" tread blocks optimize water drainage and tread block rigidity. The "Contact Pressure Equalizer" is applied to the second row of tread blocks. This feature optimizes grip levels and minimizes irregular wear. The Proxes ST II will replace the Proxes ST in most sizes.

Key Features

  • Aggressive, modern design provides a good balance between wet traction and dry handling.
  • Reduces pipe resonance, resulting in a quieter ride.
  • Reduces pattern noise.
  • Lower pressure on the block edge for better wear and handling.
  • Minimise irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride. Increase all-season traction.
  • Adds a sporty appearance.

Performance Category: High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
275/60R16109V736$432 $363
235/65R17104V737$381 $320
255/60R17110V738$434 $365
275/60R17110V762$415 $349
275/55R17109V734$432 $363
285/60R17114V774$439 $369
255/60R18112V763$464 $390
255/55R18109V738$401 $337
285/60R18116V799$448 $377
295/45R18108V723$625 $526
255/50R19103V738$554 $466
275/45R19108Y730$642 $540
265/50R20111V773$618 $520
275/40R20106W728$719 $605
295/45R20114V774$703 $591
295/40R20106V744$713 $600
305/50R20120V813$709 $596
315/35R20110W729$818 $688
265/35R22102W744$686 $577
285/35R22106W758$730 $614
305/45R22118V833$857 $721
305/40R22114V803$907 $763

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