Proxes 4

The Proxes 4 is a low-profile, high performance tyre with a unique directional tread pattern that has excellent aquaplaning resistance. The silica re-inforced tread compound provides high levels of wet & dry grip and wear resistance. Casing construction provides high levels of ride comfort for a low-profile tyre, with a sharp steering response. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit rim diameters from 15" to 24".

Key Features

  • Increased silica in tread compound improves wet performance while providing excellent dry performance.
  • Aggressive, modern design provides a good balance between wet traction and dry performance.
  • Evacuate water to improve wet traction.
  • Enhances directional stability.
  • Minimise irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Increase all-season traction.

Performance Category: High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
205/50R1589V586$193 $162
205/55R1588V607$200 $168
205/55R1694V632$200 $168
205/40R1683W570$226 $190
215/55R1697V643$217 $182
205/45R1788W616$296 $249
215/45R1791W625$217 $182
225/45R1794W634$264 $222
245/45R1799W652$290 $244
245/40R1795W628$376 $316
215/45R1893W651$338 $284
215/35R1884W608$355 $298
225/45R1895W660$363 $305
225/40R1892W637$337 $283
235/50R18101W692$425 $357
215/35R1985W633$365 $307
225/35R1988W640$439 $369
245/35R2095W680$547 $460
245/45R20103W729$654 $550
255/45R20105W738$663 $558

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