Open Country A/T

The Open Country All-Terrain ("OPAT") is a versatile all- terrain SUV tyre available in a large range of passenger and light truck construction sizes. The OPAT features a unique tread pattern that provides high levels of traction on sealed & unsealed surfaces with low levels of tread noise. The tread compound offers high levels of grip on wet roads with exceptional wear resistance. The light truck construction OPAT has squarer tread shoulders and more tread void compared to the passenger construction OPAT for optimum traction in mud & other loose surfaces. The light truck construction OPAT features a heavy-duty carcass construction and belt package for improved puncture resistance and load carrying capabilities.

Key Features

  • All-terrain traction with rugged good looks.
  • Provides a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Improves snow traction.
  • More biting edges for increased traction.
  • Maximises water evacuation for excellent all-terrain traction and stability.

Performance Category: Crossover 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
215/75R15 100S100S704
225/75R15 102S102S719
225/70R15 100T100T696
255/65R16 109H109H738
265/70R16 112T112T777
285/75R16 122Q122Q834
295/75R16 123Q123Q849
275/65R20 126S126S866

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