The M131 is a tube-type highway-rib light truck tyre suitable for all axle positions. The M131 has a wide tread width and a flat crown radius for optimum handling & wear qualities.

Key Features

  • New Generation tread compound.
  • Wider tread width than superseded pattern.
  • Designed using DSOC II technologies.

Performance Category: Commercial

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
6.50R16 108L108L750
6.50R16 109N109N750
6.50R16 108N108N750
7R16 113N113N776
7R16 117N117N776
7R16 117L117L776
7R16 117L117L776
7R16 113L113L776
7R16 113L113L776

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