The 350 is designed to provide high levels of wet weather grip, long tread life, low tread noise, superior ride comfort & low rolling resistance. The 350 uses the proven, unique design features that were first applied to the TRANSAS TEO, to produce a that has very low tread noise and excellent resistance to irregular shoulder wear.

Key Features

  • Wear-resistant, high-grip tread compound.
  • Multi-wave sipes in tread shoulder blocks.
  • Wide main circumferential grooves.
  • "Silent Wall" main circumferential grooves.
  • Non-directional tread pattern.

Performance Category: High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
155/65R13 73T73T532
155/70R13 75T75T547
165/70R14 85T85T587
195/70R14 91T91T629

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