NanoEnergy 3

Toyo NanoEnergy 3 is a Go On Tour with Toyo Tireshigh quality, everyday family tyre produced to be more durable and more ecologically sustainable for you to enjoy every day motoring. Developed using Toyo Tires’ most advanced technologies; NanoEnergy 3 increases mileage, improves fuel efficiency, and lowers carbon emissions while always providing a comfortable ride. The NanoEnergy 3 is available in a wide range of sizes to suit many popular modern vehicles including Mazda 3, Toyota Camry, Holden Commodore, Toyota Corolla, Holden Cruze, Hyundai i30 and many more.

Key Features

  • New tread compound designed with "Nano Balance Technology" - Improves wet weather grip and braking performance. Dry grip is also significantly improved. Improves fuel efficiency and also providing longer tyre life.
  • High stiffness/low weight casing construction - Low rolling resistance without compromising cornering grip and steering response.
  • Non-directional, rib type tread pattern - Easy maintenance, low rolling resistance and minimised pattern noise.
  • 3D Multi-wave sipes in tread shoulder blocks - Improved grip levels in low-grip surfaces while minimising tread-flex and irregular wear.
  • "Silent Wall" serrations on walls of main circumferential grooves - NanoEnergy 3 has been designed to minimise tread pattern noise.
  • Produced with Toyo's A.T.O.M production system - Exceptional uniformity for user comfort and easy installation.

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
175/70R1382T575$103 $86
165/70R1485T587$148 $124
165/65R1479T570$123 $103
175/70R1488T601$142 $119
175/65R1482H583$173 $145
185/70R1488T615$153 $128
185/65R1486H596$122 $102
185/60R1482H578$134 $112
195/70R1491T629$157 $132
175/65R1584H609$161 $135
185/60R1584H603$155 $130
185/65R1588H622$160 $134
185/55R1582V585$159 $133
195/65R1591V635$153 $128
195/60R1588H615$149 $125
195/55R1585V596$160 $134
195/50R1582V576$141 $118
205/65R1594H648$118 $99
205/60R1591H627$169 $142
225/60R1596H651$191 $160
185/55R1683V610$183 $154
195/55R1687V621$193 $162
205/65R1695H673$169 $142
205/60R1692V652$178 $149
205/55R1691V632$172 $144
205/50R1687V611$200 $168
215/60R1695V664$159 $133
215/55R1693V643$207 $174
225/60R1698V676$195 $164
225/55R1695V654$213 $179
205/50R1789V637$238 $200
205/45R1788W616$268 $225
215/55R1794V668$235 $197
215/45R1791W625$207 $174
215/50R1791W647$251 $211
225/55R1797V679$251 $211
225/45R1794W634$251 $211
235/45R1797W643$180 $151

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