Open Country A/T II

The Open Country A/T II is a new generation of all-terrain, 4WD tyre for drivers of 4x4s, SUVs and Utes looking for superior on- and off-road performance. The Open Country A/T II offers increased tread life and excellent traction throughout the life of the tyre and an aggressive tread appearance. The Toyo Open Country A/T II 4x4 tyre is available across Australia in a variety of tyre sizes and delivers top quality performance with affordable technology at the right price.

Key Features

  • New tread compound with improved wear resistance - Long tread life
  • New casing profile - More even contact pressure distribution for improved resistance to irregular wear and longer wear life
  • Improved tread des ign with groove in tread blocks and fringed block edges - Improved off-road traction
  • Staggered and scalloped shoulder lugs - Improved off-road traction
  • Two joint less cap plies - High speed durability and puncture resistance
  • Large range of Light Truck construction sizes - High load index, puncture resistant construction for a large range of vehicles
  • Deeper tread depth - Longer tread life

Performance Category: Crossover 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
30/9.5R15104S387$283 $238
31/85R15109S775$284 $239
215/75R15100S704$244 $205
215/70R1598H682$226 $190
225/70R15100T696$257 $216
225/75R15102S719$246 $207
235/75R15110R734$257 $216
255/70R15112S738$306 $257
265/70R15109S752$268 $225
215/85R16115Q772$321 $270
215/70R1699S707$248 $208
225/70R16102S721$283 $238
225/75R16115Q744$290 $244
235/85R16120R806$325 $273
235/70R16110R735$288 $242
245/75R16120S774$345 $290
245/70R16118R749$293 $246
255/65R16109H738$349 $293
255/70R16115S763$318 $267
265/75R16123R804$353 $297
265/70R16121R777$333 $280
275/70R16119S791$322 $271
285/75R16126R834$365 $307
235/60R17102H714$349 $293
245/75R17121S799$413 $347
245/70R17114S775$356 $299
245/65R17111S750$374 $314
265/65R17120R776$315 $265
265/70R17121S803$309 $260
275/65R17121R789$303 $255
285/70R17121S831$482 $405
285/65R17121S802$379 $319

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