Key Features

  • Low noise emission and low impact noise and vibration when rolling over obstacles
  • Excellent wear and steering performances
  • Symmetric tread pattern design for good straight line high speed stability.
  • Provide good traction and braking at all weather conditions (sunny, raining, summer, winter).

Performance Category: Comfort SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
215/70R15 98H98H682
215/75R15 100H100H704
225/75R15 102H102H719
225/70R15 100H100H696
235/75R15 105H105H734
265/70R15 112H112H752
215/70R16 100H100H707
215/70R16 100H100H707
215/65R16 98H98H686
215/60R16 99H99H664
215/65R16 102H102H686
225/70R16 102T102T721
225/65R16 100H100H699
225/60R16 98H98H676
235/70R16 109H109H735
235/65R16 103T103T712
235/60R16 100H100H688
235/60R16 104H104H688
245/75R16 111H111H774
245/70R16 111H111H749
255/70R16 111T111T763
255/65R16 109H109H738
265/75R16 116H116H804
275/70R16 114H114H791$131 $110
215/60R17 96H96H690
215/60R17 96H96H690
225/70R17 108T108T747
225/65R17 102H102H724
225/60R17 99H99H702
225/60R17 103H103H702
235/70R17 111H111H761
235/65R17 108H108H737
245/70R17 108T108T775
245/65R17 111H111H750
255/70R17 110T110T789
255/65R17 114H114H763
255/70R17 112T112T789
265/70R17 115H115H803
265/65R17 116H116H776
275/65R17 119H119H789
275/60R17 110H110H762
285/65R17 116T116T802
225/60R18 100H100H727
235/60R18 103H103H739
235/60R18 100H100H739
235/60R18 103H103H739
245/60R18 104S104S751
255/70R18 112H112H814
265/60R18 110H110H775
285/60R18 120H120H799

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