P Zero Nero GT

An asymmetric tyre for tuners and the most demanding sports performance drivers, it ensures driving pleasure and high performance without compromising on comfort. P Zero Nero GT is the evolution of the current P Zero Nero, featuring optimized materials and tread design. P Zero Nero All Season is designed to provide a winning combination of quiet ride, precise cornering and superior grip in both wet and dry driving conditions.

Key Features

  • Wide continuous ribs and asymmetric design increase pattern stiffness and stable footprint for fast cornering reaction and improved handling.
  • Optimized tread compound for enhanced wear resistance and high mileage.
  • High technology profile structure promotes even footprint pressure distribution, providing efficient braking safety in wet and dry conditions at high speed.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
195/45R16 84V84V582
205/45R17 88W88W616
215/40R17 87W87W604
225/50R17 98Y98Y657
245/30R22 92Y92Y706

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