P ZERO™ CORSA SYSTEM is the most sporting tyre in the road car range and was developed by Pirelli together with supercar manufacturers for both road and track use, on models directly derived from their motorsport counterparts. The specialised structure of this tyre gives it optimal stability at high speed and while cornering. The directional tread pattern (for the front) incorporates longitudinal grooves that expel water from the contact patch, benefitting steering precision. The asymmetric design (for the rear) improves the handling, thanks to an ample contact patch and increased rigidity.

Key Features

  • P ZERO™ CORSA SYSTEM Asimmetrico: asymmetric pattern design - Extreme levels of handling in all situations
  • Innovative "racing" tread compound - Maximises traction and braking levels
  • Specialised tyre structure - Enhanced cornering stability

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
265/35R1897Y643$529 $445
295/30R1894Y634$909 $765
235/35R1991Y647$486 $409
245/35R1993Y654$463 $389
265/30R1993Y642$541 $455
295/30R19100Y660$893 $751
305/30R19102Y666$881 $741
305/30R19102Y666$756 $636
355/30R1999Y$1092 $919
275/30R2097Y673$799 $672
275/30R2097Y673$799 $672
295/35R20105Y715$657 $553
305/30R2099Y691$792 $666
345/30R20106Y$1503 $1265

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