The tyre with the racing soul, developed for super-sport cars destined for the track. It combines exceptional steering precision, excellent braking and good performance in the wet. Ideal for road/track use. The P Zero Corsa System combines a Directional tyre (front axle fitment) with an Asymmetric tyre (rear axle fitment)

Key Features

  • The asymmetrical design helps the outer shoulder offer impeccable adhesion in hard cornering
  • Synergies between belting and spirally-wound nylon give greater steering precision and uniform treadwear
  • Asymmetrical design with high land/sea ratio and large external shoulder structure with a minimum number of grooves

Performance Category: High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
205/50R15 86W86W586
225/50R15 91Y91Y606
345/35R15 95Y95Y623
225/50R16 92Y92Y631
215/50R17 91Y91Y647
235/50R17 96W96W667
235/40R17 90Y90Y620
245/50R17 99Y99Y677
245/40R17 91Y91Y628
255/45R17 98Y98Y661
255/45R17 98Y98Y661
285/40R17 100Y100Y660
335/35R17 106Y106Y666
235/35R18 86Y86Y622
265/40R18 97Y97Y669
275/40R18 99Y99Y677
335/30R18 102Y102Y658

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