The pleasure to be sporty. The indulgence in Pirelli safety.

Key Features

  • Optimized tread pattern: enhancing handling performance for sport driving on wet and improve safety.
  • Optimized tyre contour: fuel saving and comfort.
  • Squared footprint: improved safety on wet and dry.
  • Innovative compound: improved handling and safety on wet and dry.

Performance Category: High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
215/45R17 91W91W625
225/45R17 91W91W634
235/45R17 97W97W643
245/45R17 95W95W652
215/45R18 93W93W651
225/45R18 95W95W660
225/40R18 92W92W637
235/40R18 95W95W645
245/40R18 97Y97Y653
245/45R18 100Y100Y678
235/35R19 91Y91Y647
245/40R19 98W98W679
245/35R19 93Y93Y654
255/35R19 96Y96Y661
245/35R20 95Y95Y680
275/30R20 97Y97Y673

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