P ZERO Rosso

In the luxury and sports car segment many sophisticated electronic vehicle safety and comfort management systems are being fitted as standard. To answer this evolution and the increasingly stringent legislation limiting acoustic pollution, Pirelli has created the PZero Rosso: a comfortable and quiet ultra-high performance tire with no trade off. The name derives from the now legendary "PZero", which became a milestone, marking a fundamental turning point in Pirelli ultra-high performance tire technology, and "Rosso", or red, which is synonymous with Italian motorsport. Over 200 original equipment approvals by the most prestigious car manufacturers Tread pattern Asymmetric design with wide longitudinal channels. The tread pattern is divided laterally into three distinct elements, each designed to confer a particular aspect of performance. These elements range from robust outer shoulder blocks through a semi-slick central rib with curved transversal grooves, to a more open inner shoulder. Direzionale: Elegant arrow shaped directional tread design with wide longitudinal grooves for better response on wet and dry surfaces.

Key Features

  • P Zero Rosso™ Asimmetrico: four continuous longitudinal grooves - Improved safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations.
  • P Zero Rosso™ Asimmetrico: asymmetric pattern design with compact external area - High levels of handling.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
205/55R16 91Y91Y632
225/50R16 92Y92Y631
245/45R16 94Y94Y627
205/50R17 89Y89Y637
225/45R17 91Y91Y634
255/40R17 94Y94Y636
225/40R18 88Y88Y637
235/40R18 91Y91Y645
245/50R18 100W100W702
245/35R18 88Y88Y629
255/50R18 102Y102Y712
255/45R18 99Y99Y687
255/40R18 99Y99Y661
265/35R18 93Y93Y643
275/35R18 95Y95Y650
275/45R18 103Y103Y705
285/40R18 101Y101Y685
285/35R18 101Y101Y657
285/30R18 93Y93Y628
295/35R18 99Y99Y664
295/30R18 98Y98Y634
315/30R18 98Y98Y646
335/30R18 102Y102Y658
235/45R19 95W95W694
255/50R19 103W103W738
255/50R19 103W103W738
255/40R19 96W96W687
255/35R19 96Y96Y661
275/45R19 108Y108Y730
275/40R19 105Y105Y703
285/45R19 107W107W739
285/35R19 99Y99Y682
275/45R20 110Y110Y756
275/40R20 106Y106Y728
275/35R20 102Y102Y701
295/40R20 110Y110Y744

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