Terra Grappler® A/T

Confidence in all conditions, performance over all terrains. The defined tread design of the Terra Grappler® A/T demands attention as it strikes the perfect balance between off-road ability and on-road comfort, without sacrificing either. Sipes and a specially designed tread channel away water on wet roads and provide stability and traction on dry roads, with coupling joints between tread blocks reducing flex for the best stability at highway speeds. The Terra Grappler is constructed to last longer and go further, regardless of your destination.

Key Features

  • Block notch - Better traction
  • Coupling joints - Reinforces tread block rigidity to reduce irregular wear
  • Wear-resistant, high-grip tread compound - Longer tread life without compromising grip
  • Staggered shoulder lugs and large lateral grooves - Off-road traction and self cleaning
  • Nitto thunderbolt sidewall design - Unique shoulder design
  • Staggered shoulder blocks - Off-road traction and aggressive appearance
  • Siped tread blocks - Improved grip on wet sealed roads
  • High stiffness bead filler - Excellent handling performance and high-speed stability
  • Two jointless cap ply construction - High-speed stability and puncture-resistance

Performance Category: Crossover 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
265/70R16 112S112S777$308 $259
265/75R16 123Q123Q804$338 $284
295/75R16 123Q123Q849$378 $318
305/70R16 124Q124Q833$309 $260
265/70R17 121R121R803$394 $331
265/50R20 111S111S773
275/65R20 126/123R126/123R866$456 $383
275/45R20 110T110T756$459 $386
285/50R20 116S116S793
305/55R20 121S121S844$475 $399

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