Specifically designed to meet the needs of the explosively popular compact utility vehicle (CUV) market, the NT850+ Premium provides optimum ride comfort, low noise and refined performance. With advanced traction and stability in dry conditions, an enhanced water drainage design ensures safety and certainty regardless of the conditions. A touring radial, the NT850+ Premium also offers long wear life and low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

Key Features

  • F-shaped block pattern - Increased block stiffness to maximise cornering grip and minimise wear
  • Reinforced silica tread compound - Improved wear life and fuel savings without compromising grip
  • Dots applied to siped shoulder block - Maximise wet grip while reducing 'heel and toe' wear and noise
  • Rounded edge on main groove - Better water drainage
  • Quiet serration in main grooves - Reduced air pipe resonance noise
  • Produced by latest automated production technologies - Better balanced, uniform tyre

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
185/60R15 88V88V603$122 $102
185/65R15 88V88V622$129 $108
195/60R15 88V88V615$117 $98
195/65R15 91V91V635$124 $104
195/55R15 85V85V596$143 $120
205/60R16 96W96W652$143 $120
205/55R16 91V91V632$141 $118
215/65R16 98V98V686$191 $160
215/55R16 93V93V643$188 $158
215/60R16 95V95V664$138 $116
225/60R16 98V98V676$179 $150
225/55R16 99W99W654$198 $166
215/55R17 94W94W668$164 $138
215/45R17 91W91W625$155 $130
225/55R17 97W97W679$236 $198
225/60R17 99V99V702$217 $182
225/50R17 98W98W657$248 $208
225/45R17 94W94W634$205 $172
235/45R17 93W93W643$164 $138
225/45R18 95W95W660$229 $192
225/40R18 92W92W637$264 $222
235/45R18 98W98W669$293 $246
245/45R18 100W100W678$236 $198
245/40R18 97W97W653$305 $256

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