If comfort, safety and a luxurious driving experience is what you are after, then this is the tyre for your SUV. The Latitude Tour HP provides an excellent balance of quiet and comfort while still retaining high levels of performance and safety - all while giving you greater mileage. Available and suitable for all SUV vehicles from Small Compact SUVs, to Large and Luxury SUVs.

Key Features

  • Gives maximum comfort MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP has improved 5% in acoustic comfort as well as in vibration comfort compared to MICHELIN Energy MXV4+.1
  • Lasts longer The MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP lasts 20% longer than MICHELIN Energy MXV4+.1
  • With safety guaranteed MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP is safer with 5% extra grip on wet surfaces compared to MICHELIN Energy MXV4+.1
  • (1) Compared to MICHELIN Energy MXV4+, reference tyre of the BMW X5 as original equipment since its launch in 2000.

Performance Category: Comfort SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
275/70R16 114H114H791
225/65R17 102H102H 724
225/55R17 101H101H679
235/55R17 99V99V 690
235/60R18 103V103V739
235/60R18 103H103H 739
235/65R18 110V110V 763
235/60R18 107V107V 739
235/55R18 100V100V716
235/50R18 97V97V 692
235/50R18 97H97H 692
245/60R18 105T105T751
255/60R18 112V112V763
255/55R18 109V109V738
255/55R18 105H105H 738
255/55R18 109H109H738
255/55R18 105V105V 738
265/60R18 110H110H 775
235/55R19 101V101V 741
235/55R19 101H101H 741
245/55R19 103V103V 752
245/45R19 98V98V 703
255/55R19 111V111V763
255/55R19 111W111W 763
255/50R19 107H107H738
255/50R19 107H107H 738
255/50R19 103V103V738
255/50R19 107W107W 738
265/50R19 110V110V748
275/45R19 108V108V730
285/45R19 107V107V 739
245/45R20 103W103W 729
255/50R20 109W109W 763
265/45R20 104V104V747
275/40R20 106W106W728
285/50R20 112V112V 793
285/50R20 112V112V793
295/40R20 106V106V 744
315/35R20 106W106W729
265/45R21 104W104W 772

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