Designed for premium, high performance touring cars, the Kenda VezdaEco is manufactured with a silica infused tread compound that reduces C02 emissions and rolling resistance, offering drivers great fuel economy. This tire also has full depth siping and wide circumferential grooves that help evacuate water during inclement weather while giving you and ultra-quiet ride throughout the life of the tire.

Key Features

  • • Silica infused tread compound reduces rolling resistance
  • • Optimized footprint and profile for an ultra quiet ride
  • • Wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water during inclement weather conditions
  • • M&S All season capabilities

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
185/55R1582V585$111 $93
195/50R1582H576$116 $97
195/55R1687V621$144 $121
195/50R1682H601$135 $113
215/50R1795V647$154 $129
215/45R1791V625$157 $132
225/55R17101V679$219 $184
225/65R17102H724$164 $138
225/50R1794V657$167 $140
225/45R1794V634$169 $142
235/45R1794V643$153 $128
245/65R17107H750$189 $159
245/65R17111H750$270 $227
245/45R1795V652$175 $147
215/55R1895H694$168 $141
225/45R1895W660$182 $153
225/40R1892H637$182 $153
245/40R1897V653$178 $149
275/55R20117V811$155 $130

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