Perfect mix of durability with advanced construction providing a comfortable ride with extended tread life.

Key Features

  • • Reinforced steel belted construction for heavy duty application
  • • High performance inner-liner for durability

Performance Category: Light Truck

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
145R12 81N81N539$113 $95
155R12 83N83N553$98 $82
155R13 91N91N579$94 $79
165R13 94N94N596$104 $87
175R13 97N97N612$104 $87
185R14 102N102N647$107 $90
195R14 106N106N666$125 $105
215/75R14 112R112R678$160 $134
195/70R15 107N107N654$148 $124
195R15 106N106N694
195R15 106/104R106/104R694
215/70R15 109R109R682$157 $132
225/70R15 110R110R696$183 $154
195/75R16 108N108N699$173 $145
205/75R16 113N113N714$170 $143
215/60R16 104Q104Q664$148 $124

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