Dynapro MT

With superior pulling capacity and thrust power as well as improved flat-resistant quality, this tyre is ideal for rugged cars, boasting of the most powerful and safest driving performance in normal or even the harshest road conditions.

Key Features

  • Side Protection Block - A side protection block from the tread pattern to the centre of the sidewall has an appealing rugged look and shields against the shock of protruding objects. This also improves traction in soft dirt and protects pothole damage.
  • Zigzag Shoulder Lugs - Zigzag shoulder pattern delivers greater offroad traction.
  • Open and Wide Grooves - Grooves are shaped to keep dirt out and provide the greatest grip.

Performance Category: Off Road 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
30/9R15 104Q104Q387
31/10R15 109R109R787
32/11R15 113Q113Q388
33/12R15 108Q108Q389
215/75R15 100Q100Q704
315/80R15 113Q113Q885
225/75R16 115S115S744
235/85R16 120R120R806
245/75R16 120R120R774
265/70R16 110Q110Q777
265/75R16 123R123R804
285/75R16 126Q126Q834
305/70R16 118Q118Q833
315/75R16 127Q127Q879
37/12R17 124Q124Q441
265/70R17 121R121R803
285/70R17 121B121B831
275/65R18 123Q123Q815

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