Ventus ST

Designed specifically for the high performance, luxury SUV market. Controlled footprint shape ensures maximum contact. Remarkable performance and road handling in all weather conditions. Outstanding performance, minimal treadwear, long tread life and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Key Features

  • Tread Design - Innovative high performance SUV tyre sports a V-shape design for superior handling in both dry and wet road conditions. Compound and overall construction yield optimum traction on all road surfaces, outpacing the competition. Targeted footprint was achieved through a computerized simulation tool.
  • Noise - Pattern noise is minimised with the application of newly developed multiple sub pitch concept - the world’s first use of DDPT (Dual Depth Pitch Theory).
  • Wear Life - Combining computerized ply line development with footprint shape optimization provides outstanding treadwear levels, unusual for a high performance tyre.

Performance Category: High Performance SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
225/65R18 103H103H750

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