Dynapro ATM

Premium aggressive All-Terrain for PICKUP, VAN & Sport Utility Vehicle. Innovative tread & sidewall design to enhance the style of your vehicle. Developed for the most powerful PICKUP, The Dynapro ATM offers best grip & acceleration under all road conditions.

Key Features

  • Rugged Puncture Resistance - Wraparound tread gives tyre a rugged look and guards against cuts, bruises and impact breaks. Affords outstanding traction especially in muddy or snowy conditions.
  • Wave Kerf - Deep two step sides extend tread life and increases performance on wet road.
  • Deep Depth.
  • Tiered Side Groove - A tiered groove is applied, which makes moving angle of the tread block smaller compared to the conventional non-tiered groove when cornering, to secure safer conrnering running performance.
  • Stone Ejector - Stone ejector in the center and shoulder grooves help prevent tyre damage from stone or external impacts and enhances handling confidence.
  • Scallop Grooves (Patent pending) - The "Scallop grooves"between the tread blocks increase the tyres 'biting' edges to enhance traction on the off-road.
  • Angled Side Groove - Enhances wet traction has self-cleaning function by pushing out mud.
  • Zigzag Block Edge - Provided superb grip in wet icy and dry conditions.
  • Wide Tread - The footprint has been enlarged (7-8% increase than comparable products) to resist uneven wear while providing the best grip and acceleration under all road conditions.
  • Rim Flange Protector - Guards expensive wheels from accidental curb damage.
  • Rim Cushion - Prevents sidewall damage and tyre seperation that might occur when the air pressure is low. Provides safer running performance.

Performance Category: Off Road 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
30/9.5R15104R387$225 $189
31/10.5R15109R754$250 $210
33/12.5R15108Q389$305 $256
215/75R15100S704$235 $197
235/75R15109T734$224 $188
255/70R15112L738$238 $200
205/90R16110S$221 $186
225/75R16115S744$262 $220
235/85R16120R806$274 $230
235/70R16107T735$236 $198
245/70R16111T749$255 $214
265/75R16123R804$303 $255
265/70R16112T777$274 $230
275/70R16112R791$236 $198
285/75R16126B834$307 $258
235/65R17104T737$205 $172
245/65R17111T750$276 $232
265/70R17121R803$330 $277
265/65R17120S776$357 $300
275/65R17115T789$322 $271
285/70R17121B831$381 $320
265/60R18114T775$297 $250
255/55R19111H763$403 $339

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