Optimo K715

This T-grade general performance tyre for compact cars sports a computer-simulation designed pattern for better handling and riding comfort. The cool 4-straight channels help prevent hydroplaning.

Key Features

  • Ideal Use of Grooves -- Number and width of straight grooves are optimised according to tread width to deliver superior handling, driving and resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Tie Bar for Shoulder Area -- Shoulder area is bolstered by a tie bar, helping to maintain rigidity and improve handling.
  • Shoulder Kerf Reduces Uneven Wear -- Uneven abrasion which could be generated by stress while cornering is diminished by the insertion of a kerf on the shoulder area.
  • Optimised Pitch Sequence -- A quieter ride and better handling are ensured by an optimised pitch sequence
  • Optimum Groove Position & Width -- Strategic positioning and width adjustment of grooves deliver safer driving in wet conditions.

Performance Category: High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
165/75R13 81T81T578
155/70R14 77T77T573
175/70R14 84T84T601
185/75R14 89T89T633
195/75R14 92T92T648
205/70R14 98T98T643
165/80R15 87T87T645

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