Kinergy EX

Silence 1. Shoulder Groove Width Design - Optimised shoulder groove design helps to prevent unwanted road noise while driving - Grove width variation improves water drainage and maximises wet condition performance 2. Pitch Design - An optimal 5 pitch tread design reduces noise 3. VNT (Visual Noise Technology) Visual simulation analysis technology Eco-friendly New Silica Compound Application - Rolling REsistance is lowered through use of an advanced silica tread compound for improved vehicle fuel efficiency Comfort 1. Optimal Sipe Design Technology - Advanced tread block and sipe designs are incorporated for improved tractin and comfort 2. Vibration & Noise Technology - Unwanted noise and vibration are reduced by optimising the tyre's contact with the road surface Safe & Joyful 1. VAI system - A visual Alignment Indicator System allows drivers to check vehicle alignment by comparing tyre's interior and exterior wear condition easily 2. Optimal 4-Grooves - An optimal 4 Groove design improves wet condition braking and traction performance 3. Wide Tread Width - Wide tread width design maximises handling and braking ability

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly technology - Use of advanced silica tread compound lowers rolling resistance and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Low road noise - Optimised shoulder groove design helps to prevent unwanted road nise while driving.
  • Improved traction and comfort - Advanced tread blocking and Optimal Sipe Design Technology deliver super grip and ride comfort.

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall DiameterPrice
165/70R1379T561$100 $84
175/70R1382T575$100 $84
185/70R1386T589$125 $105
175/70R1484T601$123 $103
185/70R1488T615$119 $100
195/70R1491T629$136 $114
175/65R1584H609$139 $117
195/60R1588H615$130 $109
195/60R1589H615$141 $118
205/70R1596T668$149 $125

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